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What company invented the NAND architecture?

What does the "e" stand for in eMLC?

SLC devices have an endurance of around 100,000 cycles. MLC have an endurance of around...

What do you call the process of reclaiming invalidated flash pages by moving around blocks in the background?

True or False: TLC NAND flash allows 3 bits of data to be stored in a single cell using 9 voltage states.

Modern flash arrays must be "flash friendly." Which of the following techniques does NOT help to minimize the number of physical writes on flash storage media?

A block is the smallest unit that can be erased as part of a program/erase cycle.

This occurs when many VMs send I/O streams to a hypervisor for processing. These streams can make I/O more random when it's sent to the underlying storage system, which can slow performance.

Write amplification is the enemy of flash memory performance and endurance. Which of the following is NOT a way to address write amplification

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